• Fixed-price litigation,
    turnkey representation.

    Inspired by project management methodologies, understandable by all.
    Enters the value-based business litigation service with predictable costs.

The outcome of a legal dispute can never be certain, but certainly, the cost of legal representation can be mitigated. Your business may be involved in one important dispute, or have several smaller potential disputes pending; our services will cover both ends. However, please note that if you subscribe to a Podlegal Membership, most of this stuff will already be included . Contact us for more details. Certain conditions apply.

Dispute-as-a-Project (“DaaP”)

Ideal for typical, unexpected litigation files, that can be handled as projects. Before taking on your file, we will predefine the major likely milestones, and our pricing will be adjusted according to which such milestones are indeed reached. No hourly rates, no hours’ estimates, all facts and fixed rates.

Legal Risk Manager (“LRM”)

Ideal for businesses looking to monitor multiple sources of potential disputes, such as important outstanding receivables, late suppliers and activities in heavily regulated sectors. As your LRM, Podlegal may implement and review, on a subscription basis, processes to address your sources of disputes before they materialize. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.